What is a superNONI?

A superNONI is a preferred broker that receives the added benefits from having NONI in their corner. These benefits include:

  • NONI leads provided by theLender
  • Reduced U/W fee’s for NONI’s ($200 reduction)
  • We pay for the Appraisal*
  • Priority turn times for all NONI loans
Want to become a superNONI broker?

Fill out the application below and receive an approval in as little as 24hrs.



*To qualify for the appraisal reimbursement the loan must be NONQM, investor/business purpose and have a loan amount over $500,000. Any and all additional property reviews or appraisals will not be paid for by theLender. Maximum credit per each appraisal will not exceed $550. Credit does not apply toward transferred appraisals. Credit will be applied at closing.
If application is accepted and approved broker must fund at least 3 NONQM loans per month in order to keep superNONI status with theLender. theLender reserves all rights to remove any broker from the superNONI program at any time.